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ArthroStim - Non-Twisting Chiropractic!

Discover The Comfort And Effectiveness Of Multiple-Impulse Chiropractic! A lot of people know, from personal experience, that chiropractic gets you out of pain fast. And it lasts!

The good news – Old Tappan Chiropractic uses a fantastic new-technology alternative: the ArthroStim.

It is an awesome advance in comfortable, non-twisting chiropractic. If you are concerned about the popping and snapping of traditional manual chiropractic, you're not alone. Even though manual techniques are very safe and effective, not everyone is comfortable with them. Snapping or popping, especially in the neck, makes some people nervous. With the ArthroStim, there's no twisting or popping! PLUS - no compromise on results.The vast majority of our patients get out of pain fast, and then stay that way.

How The ArthroStim Works.

After the areas causing pain and discomfort have been located, the doctor will begin treatment with the ArthroStim, pictured above. Manual chiropractic adjustments use a single push or thrust on the problem areas.

But the ArthroStim provides a gentle, precise, continuous tapping at the rate of 12 taps per second. The tips placed on the body are soft and comfortable. So, rather than having a single thrust, the force of the adjustment is broken down into hundreds of smaller taps. There is no twisting, turning, popping or snapping with this technique, and most people find this more comfortable. The tapping force supplied by the ArthroStim relaxes muscles and muscle spasms just about anywhere on the body.

It's incredibly effective in decreasing pain and increasing mobility! The spine is the main area treated with the Arthrostim, and it is able to increase mobility and decrease pain by getting stuck, locked joints moving again. When this happens, the spine's motion becomes more normal, and pressure on the large nerves there (also known as Nerve Impingement Syndrome) is reduced. This frees-up the nerve to heal, and increases the nerve's ability to transmit signals to and from the brain. That allows the body to heal itself - as it's designed to! Your AthroStim adjustments will help relieve the pain, and help you enjoy a better quality of life!

Less pain = better quality of life. This is important to remember - you may be suffering the negative health effects of nerve impingement syndrome and not feel it.

Call today to arrange a time to see if the ArthroStim could help improve your overall health!